My name's Viktoria.

I am a web developer

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About me

My path as a junior front-end developer began in the summer of 2019. I started with coding websites in HTML, CSS and gradually started learning and adding JavaScript to my projects. I have discovered my passion for creating responsive, beautiful, and functional websites and apps. Below you can find information about my skills and and have a look at some of my projects.


BEM Methodology
Responsive Layout and Design

My Portfolio


Presentation website for N.I.C.K. project. It is a universal motion control robot for creative work with a film camera.
Website has presentation section, contact form.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, Flexbox, NPM, GIT, AWS.

Krystalická láska

Information website about products that are made of beads.
Website with gallery of products, possibility to order and contact form.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, AWS, Flexbox, NPM, GIT.

PF 2021

New Year countdown app that shows how many days are left till New Year.
App with date configuration.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, Flexbox, GIT, NPM.

La Rose Caffee

Template for virtual cafe.
Website with gallery, menu and reservation form.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, GIT.

Candy Shop

Prototype e-shop.
E-shop with offer of products, possibility adding to cart and counting product.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, NPM, GIT.


Survey form are based on Bootstrap that evaluates result pursuant on your answers.
App with authorization form, questionnaire that save answers to local storage.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap, NPM, GIT.

Cooperation on another projects

Sherwood web

Information website for Sherwood Digital a.s.
Coding new pages, cooperation on improvement on existing features and adding new technologies.
Technologies used: CSS, EJS, stylus, GIT, NPM, jQuery, Gulp.js.

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I will be glad to create a website or an app for you!

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